Andrew Brassington teaching at an intensive bootcamp


I am a software engineer with a lot of frontend experience using vanilla Javascript, Typescript, React, Angular, Ember, Svelte, and Vue. I’ve dabbled in many other general purpose languages too: C#, Java, Clojure, Elixir and Ruby. I enjoy experimenting with new tools/languages to learn everyday and I believe that teaching others to share in a love for learning is the most important aspect of any profession, but especially as a developer.

I strive to be a quick learner and both a competent leader and capable worker. In my free time I enjoy cycling, playing the tuba, hiking, reading, and spending time with family. I’d aim to contribute more to open source projects and have a few minor contributions to several major frontend libs: React, Redux, Angular, Underscore and Webpack.


B.S. in Business Administration, Honors in Leadership (3.6 GPA), 2016 Andrews University, Berrien Springs, Michigan


Microsoft, San Francisco, CA

Software Engineer, Yammer Frontend Team : 2017 - Present

  • Write composable ES6/Typescript in React/Redux, legacy Backbone.js components
  • 50% reduction of initial page load time by introducing dynamic imports and utilizing lazy-loading
  • Improve build process by moving to Webpack 3 and lifting asset pipeline into Azure
  • Shipped client-side bootstrap rewrite to reduce start-up and streamline Nginx configuration
  • Tech lead notifications projects targeting new users, increasing new user 2-week retention rates

Nisum Technologies, San Francisco, CA

Software Engineering Consultant, Macys.com : 2014 - 2017

  • Affect millions in revenue developing at Macys.com on half a dozen teams from registry to subscriptions to security and charity projects.
  • Ramp up on new projects every 3-4 months, contributing valuable code from day one
  • Cut first interaction time on subscriptions page by 70% using lazy loading techniques
  • Maintain 24-7, on-call support to projects during peak holiday retail traffic spikes

Moringa School, Nairobi, Kenya

Volunteer Software Engineering Instructor : 2015

  • Introduce basic Javascript to 12 students in 3 weeks; 90% hired in 60 days
  • Volunteer full time during day, work remote full time during evenings for 2 months
  • Develop Angular app for student support including in-class help-request queue

Famo.us, San Francisco, CA

Software Engineering UI Externship : 2014

  • In collaboration with Famo.us Labs: build and test themable, animatable icon component library
  • Script icon-creation workflow from Illustrator to HTML using SVG injection
  • Create chrome extension to demo new Famo.us components and animated icons

Coder For Rent LLC, Houston, TX

.Net Developer / Instructor at Coder Camps : 2013 - 2014

Taught students 8-10 hours/day. Overhauled curriculum to emphasize javascript. Helped add bootstrap to CoderCamps.com.

Andrews University, Berrien Springs, MI

Student Association Vice President : 2013

I was lead developer on our Student Association profile-centric website called the CAST:

  • Private profiles only available to Andrews University students (away from Google’s index)
  • Maintained local university Ubuntu host virtual machines
  • Integrated with the University login directory using LDAP
  • Built our own faceted search using Apache’s Solr search

I also lead the student senate, ran elections, and coordinated a reorg of constitution and bylaws for the student association.

House Legislature, Olympia, WA

Legislative Policy Intern : 2008

  • Conducted legislative research
  • Kept legislator updated by tracking their bills through the legislative process.
  • Took notes at committee hearings, meetings and legislative sessions.
  • Contributed to general office duties by drafting return correspondence with constituents.


“Andrew has been a great asset to our team from day one. He’s smart, trustworthy, and takes initiative. If you need a smart guy that gets the job done, Andrew will be an asset to your team.” ~David Graham, CEO, Coder For Rent, LLC

“I have been lucky enough to have had Andrew as both an instructor and a co-worker. He is extremely conscientious, detail oriented, and well prepared. Andrew has the rare ability to learn something and almost immediately apply/teach it. He is continually expanding his development skill set and passing that knowledge on to those around him. Working with Andrew has has made me a stronger, more effective developer.” ~Alex Miller, Coworker

“Jacob’s eye for detail is unmatched as is his professionalism. He is very comfortable in any kind of environment and is my idea of an ideal colleague. His breadth of knowledge is incredibly vast which directly relates to his ability to solve problems and think outside of the box.” ~Amijot (Amu) Sohal, Coworker