Technical Interviews

Andrew Brassington · March 31, 2014

Technical interviews don’t come natural to anyone, but I especially freeze when I just can’t manage to figure out the problem I’m asked to solve. I try my best to talk my way through it, but I’m sure that if the interviewer didn’t have any patience they’d be ready ready to toss me out the door as soon as I got started.

Clearly, interviewing well is a skill in an of itself, and it’s one that I’m determined to get better at. It’s certainly a weekness in our program. We don’t pull our students out and give them the practice under pressure that these interviews provide.

I also need to keep in mind that if I ever need to do technical interviews in the future for anyone else, that it is so nerve-wracking for the inexperienced. is a great resource of preparing for interviews, but nothing like actually practicing with another stranger is quite as good a replica of the real thing.

But hey, you gotta start some where, and every failed or poor interview gets you one interview closer to the successful one.